Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Indian Government will never ever constitute any Men Cell in Delhi, so if you are looking for the address of Man Cell in Delhi or MEN CELL IN HUBLI AND DHARWAD then you have been strongly misguided by those Cry Baby Groups in India who are faking themselves to be Men Rights Activists, but in reality such SIF, SIFF or Save India, Save Indian Family Movement type guys are prospective ministers looking for twitter followers or fan following so that they could lobby the political parties seeking a seat to fill their pockets so as a 498a victim husband, you must seek/ search/ look for the query i.e., nri matrimonial disputes: government to issue loc against husbands evading arrest. And NRI husbands suffering from false 498a or Misuse of 498a ipc by wife must stay away from such Men Rights Activism in India because if an Indian Husband or a NRI Husband (Non Resident Indian Husband) or a Foreign Citizenship holder Indian Husband living abroad in USA/ UK/ Canada, Australia/ UAE wishes to fight for his rights especially false 498a and false maintenance u/s 125 crpc or false Domestic Violence Petition by his wife in India then he must seek answers for nri matrimonial disputes: government to issue loc against husbands evading arrest because a NRI 498A HELPLINE in India helps Indians living abroad also, and also the relatives of NRI husband i.e., those relatives of NRI husband who are living in India but have been unnecessarily accused and roped in false 498a and false DV Act complaint by NRI’s wife in India so first of all the Non Resident Indian from USA should seek to answer the problem i.e., nri matrimonial disputes: government to issue loc against husbands evading arrest. Similarly, in entire India there is no MAN Cell or mencell ever constituted by the Government of India like you may not find the full and complete address of Men Cell Delhi, therefore 498a, pocso, 376, 377, 313, 307, 306 and other false ipc victim boys, husbands, men and NRI’s must get answer to this query i.e., NRI Matrimonial Disputes: Government to Issue LOC against Husbands Evading Arrest in order to learn fighting tactics to handle false CAW Cell 498a complaint within Crime Against Women Cell itself and therefore to learn tactics as to “How to close false CAW or false FIR” within CAW Cell itself and that too without using any advocate and without coming to India and without even giving Power of Attorney to anyone back in India i.e., simply closing/ cancellation of false CAW Cell complaint or to cancel a false FIR sitting right outside India through a LTR (Lego-Technical Representation) using expert guidance from aturchatur from India as Atur Chatur through his email may guide you tactics and strategies to close a false FIR u/s 498a without advocate and without coming to India and without even getting into trouble of Red Corner Notice, Blue Corner Notice, Extradition, Deportation, Immigration, Proclaimed Offender, Passport Issues, Travel Issues, Passport Seizure, Passport Renewal, LOC, llOOK Out Circular, TEP (Tax Evasion Petition), or RTI to close false 498a and so on. So, you must close a false 498a, party in person without advocate, without vakalatnama, without RTI, without counter case, without coming to India, without power of attorney and by just using a LTR with recent Supreme Court Judgments helpful in closing a false CAW or false 498a by disgruntled wife. Get in Touch with NRI 498A HELPLINE from India by Atur Chatur and enjoy success in your career and matrimonial life. Email Helpline :

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